July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

It may be July, but the fall is creeping up faster than we think. The fall brings colder weather and of course, the beautiful fall foliage. Not only do we have fall to look forward to, but also the start of classes. There’s no better feeling than having a trendy and comfortable fall outfit for your first day of class. Even though it is fall, the first few weeks of class still make it acceptable to wear open toe shoes. This fall looks like it will bring a lot of denim, just like the Fashionista photographed above.

This Fashionista is definitely ready for her first day of classes. Since it hasn’t been the best summer weather, she is demonstrating that through her fully decked out J.Crew outfit. This Fashionista is pairing her J.Crew white patterned jeans with a denim top and finishes her look with Birkenstock sandals. Birkenstocks have also been a huge trend this summer; everyone is finally noticing these comfy sandals that are ready for any adventure. While I was studying abroad I saw these shoes everywhere—it’s crazy how they have became an overnight sensation. This Fashionista is definitely showing her edgy side with her white patterned jeans; anything with a pattern is really trending right now, and nothing beats a great denim button-down to tone down the bold pants. This outfit is great for the first day of class if the weather is on the cooler side. It demonstrates how all summer you have stuck with the trends, and you even had a chance to invest in the Birkenstock obsession this summer had to offer.

One Simple Change: If you plan on wearing this outfit to a late night class on Friday, this is the perfect look to dress up. All you have to do is replace those sandals with a black heel, and replace the denim button-down with a black off the shoulder top. By making these two simple changes, you will be ready for any dinner date or just a night out on the town that is coming your way this semester!