Besides visiting the beautiful lakes and hiking up mountains in Bellingham, many students here also take advantage of getting a head start for fall quarter by taking classes in the summer. Even though that would mean sacrificing time for fun and relaxation to be in the classroom, taking summer classes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Some of the essentials for the summer college student include: coffee (of course), sunglasses, sunscreen and some slip-on sandals. This Fashionista has definitely incorporated all of the above in her effortlessly chic outfit as she shows how to dress in comfort and style, perfect for those morning summer classes.

Getting ready in the morning can be the biggest struggle no matter what the season is. However, in the summertime this routine becomes an even harder task because you might just want to sleep in as much as possible. Luckily this Fashionistas stylish laid back look can be easily achieved. In this outfit she just matched a plain white T-shirt (a staple item in everyone’s closet) and a pair of printed leggings to wear on the way to class. When you’re running late, slip-on sandals like the Birkenstocks she’s wearing are not only rising in popularity here on campus since spring, but it’s also easy to just put on as you head out the door. Lastly, don’t forget to grab your favorite pair of sunglasses because you’re definitely going to need that after class, and it’s really important to protect your eyes from the sun!

One Simple Change: Remember to take a break every once in awhile and still take time to enjoy the summer sun by going out after class to rock those sunnies! You can also trade those pants for a pair of soft shorts and flip flops and head out to the beach for the weekend.