July 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s 7:00 a.m. Your alarm is going off, and that’s when you realize picking morning classes was a mistake. You want to look presentable and fashionable for class, but you are just so exhausted because you stayed up all night playing video games (that’s what boys do right? I mean at least my brother does). Well, lucky for you, there are some easy staple pieces that every Fashionisto should have in his closet for situations like this.

This week’s Fashionisto already has the comfy yet trendy pieces on hand. To start, he put on some skinny jeans, which everyone knows are the best. The most crucial staple piece that instantly dresses up an outfit is a button-down. Not only do they look outstanding on men, but they are lightweight, which makes them easy to wear. My Fashionisto wore a blue and white pinstriped version with the sleeves rolled up to make it more casual and wearable. Now, on to my favorite part of his outfit—the shoes. Everyone seems to think oxfords are uncomfortable, but in reality, they feel just as good as any other shoe. Therefore, if you wear them, you look like you tried hard on your look, though you just have casual shoes on in your mind. With all of these aspects added together, people get the illusion that effort was applied when getting ready, when you really got ready in five minutes and you feel super comfy.

One Simple Change: To keep up with the comfy vibe, the perfect way to change this look from class ready to cold weather appropriate is with a jacket. The perfect jacket would be a military style one because it will keep you warm, but it is not restricting. Side note, a beanie would be completely acceptable with this outfit, too (and totally cute)!