Summer isn’t always filled with tropical vacations and lazy days. The reality for many students is that classes and internships are what fill up their schedules during the warm weather months. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the break to get stuff done, both academically and professionally. If you do find yourself taking classes during the summer, then it is highly likely that you’ve asked yourself, “How do I dress for class when it’s so hot outside?” or “Why dress up if no one is even going to see me?”.

Typically, the vibe on campus during the summer is fairly laid-back. Most people don’t feel the need to “dress to impress”. The seasonal heat also imposes another factor when selecting practical campus attire. However, this Fashionisto demonstrated how to appropriately dress for class during summer. Wearing a striped T-shirt, straight leg chinos and a pair of white boat shoes, he proved that it is possible to dress in a way that is fashionable and sensible for lecture. Completing his look with a chambray shirt tied around his waist and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, he showed how to dress for class while keeping the season in mind.

This Fashionisto smartly selected a cotton T-shirt to wear because he could then ensure that his body would stay cool while walking between classes. In consideration of the weather he also styled his outfit by donning a pair stylish shades to keep the hot sun out of his eyes during the day. Yet when the temperature drops in the evening, this Fashionisto will be able to easily untie the shirt he has wrapped around his waist to cover up. With the opportunity to wear an outfit like this, taking classes during summer doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all!

One Simple Change: What do you do when your friend says they just scored tickets to that sold out concert and your favorite band is playing? Switch out the T-shirt for a stylish short-sleeved button-down shirt.