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Throughout my college career I’ve heard this odd notion that dressing up for class is totally unnecessary and that as college students, we should use the opportunity to wear sweatpants and dress down all the time because “it’s easy.” While this may be true for some people, I believe dressing up for class is very important. You are not only presenting yourself as a respectable human being but also demonstrating that you are a professional who cares about your obligations and it shows your professor (who I’m sure dresses up to come educate you) that you want to learn and aren’t ready to fall asleep. You don’t know who you may run into on campus or on the street so it’s always important to make a good impression when you step outside of your house and keep your style game on point.

This Fashionisto certainly looked the part of a young professional wearing an ensemble best suited for class. You can never go wrong with a pair of khaki slim-fit chinos matched with navy anything. I love that he cuffed his chinos giving them a sporty jogger look but still maintained a mature look by wearing a navy linen button-down shirt. The most interesting part about his outfit was the way he spiced up his style with anchor-patterned navy socks. They matched perfectly with the rest of his attire while looking trendy and unique. The color coordination of this Fashionisto’s outfit is so classic finishing off with tan boat shoes and accessorizing with an Apple watch. He looked clean, classy and comfortable and said that every piece of his outfit was very easy to style and throw on and required the same amount of effort it would take to wear sweatpants. He felt confident and was ready to learn.

Dressing nice says a lot about you as a person. It defines your work ethic, your demeanor and your morale. No one wants to be associated with a slob and it can be very difficult to make any RAD connections if you give off a lazy vibe. Pay attention to your wardrobe and be the person you would want to approach on campus.

One Simple Change: Have an interview right after class? Try tucking in your shirt, rolling down your cuffed pants and putting on a black blazer for a more structured look so that you can blow your interviewee away with your stylish presence!