Summer classes are the best opportunity to meet more friends and be in a smaller classroom setting. But these classes go by so fast, and often, the teacher doesn’t even have time to know everybody’s name! With all that in mind, this makes it crucial to make a good first impression on your professor. Amongst all the gym shorts and oversized shirts that scream disinterest, this Fashionisto decided to go a different route and go for a polished yet casual look.

This Fashionisto paired a short sleeve plaid button-down with a navy sweater vest. The sweater vest really pulls this look together and makes him appear more refined and serious to a professor. The colors complement each other and both the button-down and vest are lightweight, making this look especially appropriate for walking on a hot summer day.

To keep his look on the casual side, he decided to complete his look with a pair of straight leg jeans and gray loafers. The balance between casual and classy makes his outfit absolutely appropriate for practically any academic setting. It’s far from looking like he just rolled out of bed and far from trying too hard to impress.

One Simple Change: Let’s say this Fashionisto had a date coming up. To turn this look into one that will surely make an even better first impression to that special someone, simply change into a pair of dark wash denim jeans, lose the casual loafers for a sophisticated pair of driving shoes and accessorize with your favorite watch to keep your eyes off your phone!