It’s 7:00 am as you’re struggling to turn off your alarm. It is that moment when you realize—8:00 am classes are a mistake. You want to look presentable for class, but you are exhausted from the night before because you stayed up all night playing video games (that’s what boys do right?). Luckily for you, there are some super easy pieces that every Fashionisto should have in his closet for this dreaded situation.

This Fashionisto knows comfy but trendy pieces. His crew neck T-shirt paired with joggers are the essence of a cool casual outfit for running around campus. Joggers have made their mark in the wonderful world of fashion. From solid to prints and men’s and women’s, these pants are a trendy alternative to sweatpants for every Fashionista/o. The essential piece in this Fashionisto’s outfit is his sneakers. Since his T-shirt and joggers are a solid color, the pattern of his sneakers adds texture to his outfit. Adding apiece to your outfit that has texture or a bold pattern is an easy way to dress up your look. This Fashionisto finished his look off with a watch, string bracelet and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Overall, this look is a great casual outfit for class.

One Simple Change: Staying with the comfy vibe, the perfect way to change this look from class ready to cold weather appropriate is too add a jacket. Either a windbreaker or varsity styled jacket would be the perfect jacket to add to this look because it will keep you warm, but still remain cool and casual.