July 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer school is in full swing and Virginia Commonwealth University’s students are studying in style. Students are utilizing streetwear trends to elevate casual classroom outfits. However, the hot weather has left students with no choice but to dress light for a comfortable walk to and from classes. Added layers are being replaced with simple accessories in order to add style while beating the summer heat.

This week’s Fashionista is keeping it cool while on her way to her afternoon class. She pairs two basics, a V-neck T-shirt and denim shorts, for a classic and comfortable foundation to the outfit. She highlights her individual style by mixing these classic basics with shoes and accessories from current street style trends. Distressed denim is a prevalent trend this summer and this Fashionista shows a few tears on her shorts to make her look totally effortless! The flannel tied around her waist adds a hint of the ’90s grunge trend while giving the look a pop of color. The Fashionista’s black Nike sneakers follow the popular athletic-inspired trend and complement her relaxed outfit. She tops the look off with a simple gold necklace, adding an extra layer that ties the outfit together.

One Simple Change: After a long afternoon of classes, this Fashionista is ready to burn off some energy at the gym! She can simply remove her necklace and swap her denim cut-offs for a pair of running shorts that are kept in her backpack during class. Her flannel can be kept tied around her waist to keep her look on trend while at the gym!