It is so easy to get a case of the Mondays everyday of the week when waking up for class. You might ask yourself when you first wake up, “Is it really worth it to put an effort into what I’m wearing? Can I get away with wearing this shirt again? Is this going to be another wasted outfit on that cutie in my 10:00 a.m. who feels like class is optional?” Well, as convenient as it is to know that dressing up for class is optional on most days, sometimes dressing comfortably is not an option at all. This is true, especially when you hold an important position on your campus like this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto is Student Senate President at his university and must look his best at all times to keep his look consistent with his polished reputation. His outfit consists of a navy blazer that is worn over a white cotton button-down. His khaki pants make the entire look casual and not too professional looking, making them perfect for class since no one wants to dress in their absolute Sunday best everyday just to take notes over a boring lecture (or to scroll through Facebook). He then tied his outfit together with a brown leather belt and matching brown dress shoes. Whenever choosing a belt, a pair of shoes or a tie, be sure the colors all match. This Fashionisto’s outfit sets him apart from the throng of students he passes on his way to class, as it is casual without losing its dressy quality and makes a bold statement that says he is serious about school and his appearance.

One Simple Change: A long day of classes deserves a long break at the end of the day. Take this outfit from day to night by switching out the khakis and the dress shoes for jeans and white Converse shoes. This will take your casual and professional look to trendy and fun so you can still rock the blazer without looking like you came straight from class.