At Drexel University, we students attend class all year, including summer! It isn’t too exciting, however that does not mean that we have to dress carelessly. Going to class in leggings, a T-shirt and flip flops is simply a no-go…not to mention a complete fashion faux pas.

The summer season is a wonderful opportunity for us to explore our fashion sense. Putting an effort in your outfit is guaranteed to lighten your mood when on the way to those dreaded morning classes. I caught this week’s fabulous Fashionista on the way from class. Her outfit was the perfect fusion of “rocker-chic” with a dash of glamour.

This perfect ensemble works well for class because it is ultra casual yet put together. Putting effort into your outfit does not necessarily mean wearing heels and a dress to class everyday. Our Fashionista kept the outfit interesting by merging several different elements into one effortless outfit. Her oversized graphic T-shirt and distressed boyfriend jeans give the outfit an über cool vibe. Her leopard print Chelsea boots and metallic bag polish the look up. Her jewelry was kept to a minimal with a simple pendant, placing the focus on her interesting ensemble.

One Simple Change: It’s Friday evening and you’ve been waiting all week for that concert. You don’t have time to change your outfit completely but you want to look appropriate for the night. Opt for a darker jean hue such as navy or black. It’s an instant way to make your ensemble appear sleeker. Swap your metallic tote for a metallic clutch!