Hey, Fashionistas/os! I hope you all have been having a fabulous and stylish summer so far. Moving into July, we are well into our warm-weather months, but many of us must take on summer classes…Get those credits! Fortunately, you can always do so fashionably.

This week, strolling around the Yale campus, I ran into a local student who is also an associate at American Apparel. On her way to class, she is looking sweet and stylish. She wears a simple, comfortable outfit that is also trendy and cute.

Her black and violet floral dress is short and flowy—a classic baby doll cut. Casual but very girly and pretty, it is perfect for a summer class because of its comfort and coolness of the loose cut. She makes it into an outfit by adding her over-the-knee black socks and her white tennis shoes—classic, feminine and charming! She also wears her hair in a high ponytail, which correlates with the cute, feminine and pretty feel of the outfit while showing off her face and light makeup.

Overall, the entire outfit is ideal for a class during the summer. The floral, the shortness and the cut of the dress give it a very summery feel, and the rayon material is nice and cool for hot summer days. Since the colors are dark and transitional, it is also a great dress and outfit to wear for fall. Her over-the-knee socks and tennis shoes make the outfit complete and add character and style. It’s a classic look reminiscent of styles of the ‘90s, and her entire outfit is from one of my absolute favorite stores, American Apparel!

One Simple Change: Going from an early summer class to a day party or out to a nice lunch with friends? Simply swap the over-the-knee socks and tennis shoes for a pair of cute summer wedges, and add a few long necklaces or a body chain.