July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

It is summer, so that can only mean one thing—school’s out! But not for those in summer school. Summer school can be a drag because we all just want to go out to the beach, tan and wear super cute shorts and dresses! While cuteness is a huge factor when it comes to picking an outfit, looking appropriate for a classroom setting is essential. No one wants their professor or peers thinking that they just came to class from the beach. They want students to look like they actually want to be in class by looking casual but not too casual. This Fashionista, whose mad for plaid look is the ultimate go-to outfit for class, is not letting the summer heat get to her!

This Fashionista mixes solid colors with a bold striped flannel. She’s bringing her awesome sense of style from to UC Riverside. The cream colored jeans and basic army green T-shirt are the perfect combo. She spiced up her outfit by adding a blue and white striped flannel over it. Some final touches include a nice pair of Converse and a sparkling watch! It is so important to have a standout watch to check the time in class with! This Fashionista is ready to take on summer school in style!

One Simple Change: Just finished an exam and want to go out to dinner with friends? Trade the tennis shoes for a nice pair of wedges! This makes your outfit look clean and sophisticated for a fun time at happy hour.