It is so inspiring to see Fashionistos walking around college campuses with their styles bursting with personality and individuality. Summertime is the ideal season to show off prints and patterns that you cannot normally use in other seasons. It is the right season to be unique and compose cool eclectic looks! This Fashionisto caught my attention with his unique style and his casual dressy outfit is specifically great for summer classes.

Notice how he decided to use a Hawaiian print button-down shirt to compose a summer loving look and wear a dressy pair of shoes to balance the relaxed aspect of the outfit. Summer florals are right on trend and the combination worked perfectly. To add the school feel into his outfit, he chose this super cool vintage style leather backpack which completed the overall outfit in an extremely stylish way. To finalize the look, the Fashionisto chose jeans to keep the causal school style.

Overall, don’t be afraid to try out different patterns and prints, they might end up looking cooler than you think. Also, if you take inspiration from this Fashionisto and wear more elegant shoes with it, you can compose great stylish chic outfits for this summer, which are great options for many occasions.

One Simple Change: If you would like to turn this look into a summer outfit, then you only need one simple change: switch the jeans into shorts. You could wear jean shorts or even a black one. Just be careful when adding colors into the look. The Hawaiian print should be the main focus of the outfit. Other than that, you will be good to enjoy a warm and sunny summer day!