Class can be a very stressful experience. You are either ten minutes late or twenty minutes early; there really isn’t a perfect time to arrive considering Rutgers’ bus schedule. Or, you are too overwhelmed with the workload that you actually forget to print out the assigned assignment. But for the unlucky few students that are taking summer classes (like myself), planning a nice and comfortable outfit for class can be very difficult. The weather plays a pivotal role in the types of outfits you might consider wearing. However, if you leave your house wearing a nice sleeveless dress, expect to develop hypothermia from the freezing temperatures of the classroom. But, if you leave your house dressing to accommodate the freezing temperatures of the classroom, expect to arrive to class with a trail of your sweat marked behind you. Because the weather outside is boiling hot and the weather inside the classroom is freezing cold, it can be difficult to plan an outfit that suits both of these temperature variations.

This Fashionista encompasses the perfect kind of outfit to wear during class. This outfit is stylish and comfortable. It is fashionable, but not too fashionable since the outfit might distract from the material that is being taught. This Fashionista rocks a fitted band T-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. This outfit is comfortable enough to sit through a three-hour lecture in class. It takes into account the cold classroom temperatures as well as the outside weather. To add on to the alternative feel to the outfit this Fashionista dawns a pair of black and white checkered slip-on sneakers and accessorized with a few simple bracelets.

One Simple Change: Staying within the realm of alternative comfort, try rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans with this outfit. It will give you extra comfort as you go about your day in and out of the library.