As one gets up every day for class during the semester some say, “what can I wear today?” while others just grab random items and head out to class. Many college students look at getting ready for class depending on the type of teacher they have. They factor in if the teacher is old school and likes for their students to look respectable and clean cut or if the professor does not mind what they wear as long as the student is in class.

This Fashionisto is bringing a fun and casual look to class. His outfit is fun and bold in color. He has a pair of bright red jeans on that brings an energizing effect to his outfit. The he is wearing a graphic T-shirt that is white with different shades of red that make for such a great tie to his pants. His shoes top off his outfit because they are solid white with a hint of red trim. The Converse worn by this Fashionisto are perfect. This Fashionisto pulls every aspect of his outfit together by having at least one of the colors from each article of clothing tie to each other.

One Simple Change: It’s after class on Friday and you and your friends want to go for a celebration and you don’t have a lot of time to change your whole outfit. So one minor change you could make to this outfit is change the pants to a dark wash of denim or black jeans.