Class. It’s one of those things most people don’t think about when it comes to looking good. You never hear, “Should I wear this to class?” as much as you hear “Should I wear this out tonight?” I am a strong believer that feeling good about what you’re wearing will impact how your day turns out! So much confidence comes from your outfit. So, why not consider looking cute for class? Whether you are doing a presentation or just taking notes, you should take advantage of your appearance to others. It’s a way to show people you’re personality without even having to talk to them!

I caught this Fashionista looking fabulous on her walk home from class! I loved her outfit and how well it matched. White, gold and green look so sophisticated together. This outfit is perfect for going to class. The white shirt is lightweight and the jeans look great with it. Tucking in her shirt made the outfit look very classy as well. The best part was the bag, in my opinion. It wasn’t too small and seemed like it would fit your essentials. Plus, how about those zippers? They are awesome and add an edgy vibe to the whole outfit! Also, flats are always great for school because heels can be hard to walk in after a long day. I loved how she kept the color gold consistent in her outfit. And don’t forget to accessorize with some great earrings!

One Simple Change: Have a date tonight? No need to change much! Keep on the cute jeans and throw on a tank top for something flirtier. You’ll still look as great as you did all day!