The best part about taking summer classes is the laid back atmosphere going on around college campuses everywhere. There is conveniently always a parking space open and you don’t have to walk zero miles per hour behind the crowds of college students. This summer I took a public speaking class as a transient student at Florida International University in my hometown of Miami, Florida. At Florida State, it is typically the norm to wear “norts” and frat tanks to class. However, I have come to notice that most girls at FIU go that extra mile to dress nicely on campus.

This Fashionista kept her outfit cute and simple which is perfect for summer classes. Her flowy black dress is ideal for keeping her cool under the Miami sunshine. Her light jean jacket is not too hot but perfect for the powerful force of Miami air conditioning. This Fashionista spices up her casual outfit with hot red ballet flats.

This outfit was perfect for the speech presentation we were scheduled to give because it highlighted her personal style while still being appropriate for class.

One Simple Change: Just changing up a few pieces of the outfit can make it go from day to night. Switching the flats for wedges is an instant change to make the outfit perfect for a night on the town or a nice dinner with friends. Also, removing the jean jacket makes the outfit dressier and more appropriate for nighttime festivities. A fun makeup tip would be to add a bold lipstick to your makeup look to spice up the outfit.