Let’s face it, no one is too ecstatic about summer classes. The goal is to pretty much get in and get out. Putting a whole lot of time and effort into your outfit each morning is not all that realistic. That’s why I love a simple, effortless outfit that is still fashionable! Comfort is key on a college campus, but sometimes you want to look more put together than wearing the same boring leggings with just a different T-shirt. The good news is you don’t always have to spend hours putting together an extravagant outfit to look cute and to stand out!

This Fashionista first caught my eye because of her high-top Converse. I love high-tops because they define your style so much more than any old sneakers and they show that you’re not afraid to stand out a little bit. These shoes are definitely the focal point of her outfit. That being said, she pairs them with a simple striped top and some distressed cut-off shorts. The top is comfy and loose-fitted, which in my opinion is perfect because it almost feels like your favorite old T-shirt. The cut-off shorts are a fitting length for any casual day out. To add a little something more, she wears a vintage style watch and a gold bangle. Sometimes less is more and this outfit definitely has the perfect balance for a casual outfit to wear to class.

One Simple Change: An easy way to switch this look from day to night would be to swap out the cut-offs for some tight black skinny jeans. Tuck in the shirt for a more polished look and you’re ready for a casual night out with some friends!