Anyone who says that summer is not the best season is lying to themselves. Long beach days, sparkly bikinis, brightly colored popsicles, family barbeques; what’s not to love? Most importantly, summer means that school is finally over. For about three months we are free from essays, homework and pop quizzes. Unfortunately though, not every college student has this luxury.

There are only two words that can strike dread into the hearts of students all over the world: summer school. Just the thought of it is enough to make me cringe. Last year I chose to take a summer class, and though it did help me academically, through out the whole course I was truly miserable. It was a miracle if I wore anything other than sweatpants and a T-shirt to class.

Luckily, this Fashionista seems to be coping with summer classes a lot better than I did. Her casual, boho outfit fit right in with the gardens where she was taking a break from studying. The high-waisted printed white denim cut-offs are a perfect alternative to normal denim shorts. The pink print pops against the white denim and gives the outfit a hint of summer. The slightly oversized cardigan over a simple striped tank top is perfect for keeping warm in those chilly classrooms. Her starfish bracelet brought a little bit of beach to school. A pair of bohemian gladiator sandals finishes off the look.

So for all you brave souls out there taking summer classes, stay strong and know that in the end, that extra “A” in your grade point average will be so worth it.

One Simple Change: After all that studying you deserve to take a break. Switch out the cut-offs for a sequined skirt. Add a pair of wedges and you are ready for a dinner with friends.