Not everyone is a fan of taking classes in the summer, but if you have to do it, you might as well do it in style.

Figuring out how to fight the heat, yet still keep a stylish look is one of the biggest challenges when deciding what to wear to class in the summer. On top of the heat, you also have to consider that the classroom you are about to spend an hour and a half in is probably covered in snow due to the blasting AC. Not literally, of course, but we all know the struggle of being trapped in shorts and a tank top when the classroom’s temperature is clearly below 50 degrees. No thank you!

This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of how to stay stylish, yet comfortable in class. A pair of loose-fitting, distressed jeans will keep her warm in the classroom, but still allow some airflow to cool her down when out in the sun. She paired her black denim with a flowing tank top, but also wore another tank underneath to add an extra layer. The contrast between her red tank and black denim definitely provides a summer vibe. By choosing simple colors for her clothing, this Fashionista was able to get creative with her accessories. The color and pattern of her bag add a fun touch to her look, as well as her bright, red lipstick. She ties together her outfit with some trendy sandals and leopard-print sunglasses.

One Simple Change: You just got out of class and all of your friends are ready to head downtown for a girl’s night out. Don’t know what to do? It’s simple! Just trade in those sandals for a pair of cute wedges and you’ll be ready to own the night.