Strolling through campus, one quickly realizes that the statement, “all guys dress the same” is quite the myth. At an institution as diverse as Georgia Southern University, there is a strong presence of men’s fashion and a plethora of different styling.

We have all witnessed the guy who walks around campus in pyjama pants, screaming unprofessionalism with this pretty sloppy overall appearance. Then there are the guys that wear basketball shorts, Nike slides and a free promotional T-shirt as if it were the school’s official uniform. While I understand this is definitely a comfortable get-up, it is far from eye catching. On the other far end of the spectrum stands that one guy who struts through campus wearing a beautifully tailored three piece suit in Statesboro’s 94 degree heat to Algebra 101 every single day. Oh the diversity of men’s fashion. From the skater boys, to the sneaker heads, every guy expresses himself through their dress differently.

Now, I understand how drained we college students get as the week goes by. Nonetheless, I often try to remind myself, that if my professor can dress nicely to present the class material to me, I can at least change out of the clothes I slept in last night to receive it.

So, today, this article goes out to the college guy who is searching for what to wear to class that balances comfort and style. With a simple V-neck T-shirt and a pair of slim fitting navy chinos, this Fashionisto’s ensemble reflects the perfect recipe to staying physically and fashionably cool. He completes the look, keeping it “classy” (see what I did there) with Gucci loafers, because we all know how important a guy’s shoe game is. His backpack is strapped on and he’s ready for class, but definitely turning some heads along the way.

One Simple Change: Is it date night already? For a sleeker look, ditch the backpack, slip into a sports blazer and take your girlfriend out to the new restaurant that just opened up downtown.