While many students are out soaking up the sun at their hometown beach, there still remains a small portion of the Seminole population that opt to take a few summer classes to either get ahead in their major or catch up from a gap semester abroad (like me). For most of us, summer schedules aren’t nearly as full as fall and spring semesters, which allows us some freedom to still enjoy our almost four month break. That being said, everyone after their one or two classes a day often has plans to either meet up with friends or go to a job or internship to fill up the extra time from the lighter load. Class outfits no longer only fulfill the purpose of what one wears to a lecture hall, but also something that can immediately be worn afterward to another summertime activity.

This Fashionista captures practical style perfectly. She chose to wear a baby doll printed dress with minimal accessories, a simple cross-body bag and leather strappy sandals. Since there is no overstating element of her outfit, she achieves a look that is not only appropriate for the classroom setting, but also easily transferable to a workplace or other afternoon rendezvous. While she chose to keep it simple overall, there are still subtle nuances to her look that take it over the top, resulting in me stopping her this particular morning. One of these elements is her babydoll dress: the dark navy backdrop of the printed detailing complements her light colored eyes and complexion. Additionally, in the contrast of the bright yellows and vivid reds of the oriental floral pattern, one can’t help but notice the refined statement of the look. She keeps the outfit summery and light-hearted by choosing to wear neutral strappy sandals and matching them with her patent leather cross-body bag. Cross-body bags are a year-round favorite, but are perfect for this particular summer class look because of their convenience and ability to be dressed up or down by the Fashionista.

One Simple Change: As I said before, many students have summer jobs or internships to attend to after they go to class in the mornings. This look, as it is, is tasteful enough for some internships, but depending on the atmosphere of the workplace there could be some simple changes to be made. Take this look to a more conservative internship by switching the strappy sandals for a business pump and adding a statement necklace.