July 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer courses are probably the most dreaded not only because it’s supposed to be YOUR time to relax, but also because seven to eight weeks packed full of information that is regularly meant to last an entire semester doesn’t really seem inviting. Fear not, there’s plenty of college students who take summer courses to try and stay on the quick path to graduation even if it means sacrificing a summer or two. Let’s also not underestimate the fashion finds during the summer on campus!

Since it’s warmer out, students drop the sweats and sweaters for patterns and colors of all kinds, while still layering with lighter fabrics. You’ve got to  remember that there may not be snow and ice outside, but the AC inside buildings and campuses can get cruel sometimes. The comfort doesn’t go out window of course as this Fashionista proved just that.

Keeping her colors neutral for a really hot day helped a lot, take in mind that it was close to 80 degrees on this day with high humidity, so she chose pieces with very light fabric to have comfort and breathability. Darker colors (i.e.: black) tend to absorb sunlight so avoiding those really dark tones on hot days when you know you’ll be running around for classes will help keep you cool as well as looser outfit pieces.

This Fashionista layered a basic white tank top under a short sleeved dolman tee for versatility in case her classroom was too hot or cold. She also paired an awesome pair of platform sandals with a maxi skirt to maintain a relaxed and simple ensemble. The best part of her outfit was that she had a fanny pack on. There are many people who are on the fence about these making a comeback but they’re compact and very useful when you just want to carry the essentials around like your phone, sunglasses and lipstick when you have no pockets. Talk about being comfortable and fashionable without breaking a sweat for class!

One Simple Change: If you have plans after class like grabbing lunch with the buddies, then simply changing your top layer can make it a whole new outfit. Grab a chambray top, for example. It’s known to be the preferred fabric when looking to stay cool during the summer as well as being an item that often comes in neutral and fun colors. These qualities help match it with other pieces that much easier when going from one occasion to the next without a hassle.