The weather down in the south is always unpredictable. It’s been raining almost every day this week, but that’s not surprising to anyone who has lived here for a while. That being said, I was eager to scope out the campus to see who would put forth the effort to dress up despite the nasty weather.

The transition between spring and summer is the time to wear the last of your denim collection. Denim joggers are a great way to express your love for denim without compromising comfort in this humid and unforgiving weather. No guy can go wrong with a classic white shirt and denim jeans (in this case, joggers), but I can see that this Fashionisto went the extra mile by pairing this classic look with a rad pair of adidas high-tops and a light wash denim vest. I’ve been seeing an array of faded and layered denim looks on the runway for this spring and summer. What I admired most about this look was its effortless vibe and that it was just dressed up enough for a casual day of classes.

This easygoing approach to layering denim and sneakers was what captivated me about this Fashionisto. He has managed to bring the spring and summer denim trend right from the runway onto our campus with no sweat (see the pun?). His tailored white button-down shirt was the perfect complement to his denim jeans. His statement sunglasses really added an element of sophistication to the look, while his sneakers brought some playfulness back into the outfit. Overall, this outfit is a great way to bring in the summer.

One Simple Change: A good way to bring this outfit and the denim trend into the later and hotter months of the summer would be to switch out the jeggings for a pair a denim shorts and opt for a white V-neck in lieu of the white button-down.