Summer is finally here. Most of you are probably lounging by the pool, planning your next vacations or just relaxing in bed and watching Netflix all day— Hey, no shame in that! But, for some of us, we have to take summer classes, which means sitting in a classroom five days a week while everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. Summer classes do not need to have a negative connotation to them however! You can still walk to class in style and beat the summer heat just like this Fashionista.

An army green jacket has been a staple in many closets for the past couple years, but this Fashionista added bright summer colors to her outfit for a nice twist to this fashionable staple. I do love a classic “army green jacket with combat boots” grunge look, but I admire this Fashionista’s way of being bold and adding this studded jacket with her girly outfit.

This outfit stands out with the contrast of colors, and not only is appealing to the eye, it is extremely practical for summer classes. Walking to the class in the blistering heat may not be ideal, but once she takes her jacket off, she has a lightweight dress that will definitely help her beat the heat. We all know the feeling of sitting in a classroom and wishing we brought a jacket (or blanket), to have in the freezing cold classroom. Bringing a light jacket to class will make sure you aren’t frozen taking notes, yet it adds so much to a typical summer outfit.

Everything from her nails to her toes are screaming summer, but also so practical for walking to those summer classes. Don’t be afraid to add something a little different to your outfit, like this grunge jacket with her sweet dress and sandals.  Nothing beats walking to class in the heat and being able to be comfortable in a class with the air conditioner running strong.

One Simple Change: If you are heading out later at night, leave the jacket behind and add some wedges. This completely transforms this look from day to night and with the jacket behind, you won’t need to worry about being too hot. Plus, wedges are always the go-to summer night heel.