Ah, summer. A time when the sun sears flesh on white sandy beaches, drinks are free-flowing, and for most people, daily working life continues with only a passing glance at the rising temperatures and wistful looks at pools of cool water. For the students who elect to take summer courses, the season can be particularly brutal. Imagine, it’s nearly 85 degrees outside, the humidity is high, and the nice morning breeze has completely disappeared. Then step into the ice cold, poorly managed classroom and it’s a cool 60 degrees. While at first refreshing, the air begins to feel really very cold. So the wise summer student learns to pack for the extremes in temperature.

This Fashionista decided to pair her neon shorts with a vibrant pullover that screams summer patterns and keeps her warm when entering an ice-cold classroom. The print is loud but that’s what makes the pullover so interesting. It’s not blue, bland and boring like so many “cool” summer outfits. The flamingos manage to mesh all together and form almost one muted color against the neon shorts.

To complete her outfit, this Fashionista selected a pair of silver sandals and an easy-zip, cerulean-nylon tote. The polished metallic of the sandal and more neutral tote allow the pullover and short pairing to not be overbearing and keep the outfit nice and casual without losing the preppy style.

One Simple Change: If you have a busy day planned and don’t have time to change between day to night events but still want this comfy, casual look, just swap the shorts for a longer pant, a capri perhaps, in a muted color such as dark gray and you can easily transform your outfit into the perfect ensemble.