It’s summer. It’s Columbia, South Carolina. It’s hot. Actually, hot is an understatement. Five minutes outside and you want to take a cold shower. Sadly, USC, Columbia and especially your professors do not pity you. Class must still go on. Dressing for this kind of heat is extremely difficult. You obviously can’t wear your swimsuit to class, but putting on clothes seems gross. Not to mention, it really just adds to the amount of laundry you have to do considering you have to change clothes two times a day. This Fashionisto handles the heat as best he can. He at least looks light and cool.

Dressed head to toe in everything “short”—short sleeves and shorts—this Fashionisto makes the best of the heatstroke. The light orange henley shirt doesn’t attract heat and is really loose on his body, allowing air to flow through. You definitely have to take advantage of those rare breezes. This Fashionisto’s khaki shorts are a really smart, classic choice. No guy can ever go wrong with a good pair of khaki shorts. This Fashionisto wears Vans for all those miles he has to walk on campus. They really go well with the khaki shorts and the color of his shirt. His heavy-duty watch keeps him on time for class, is water (sweat) resistant, and is a nice accessory. This Fashionisto keeps it simple but stylish for these hot summer days.

One Simple Change: Just got out of class and going to happy hour with friends? Throw on a pair of dark-wash jeans to really dress up the outfit.