If you’re like me, with summer kicking into full gear, you might be all ready for the tank tops and dresses to make their summer debut. However, I forgot to mention one minor detail. I am taking a full load of classes this summer, which all start each weekday morning at 8:00 am. Unfortunately, that early in the morning it is always quite chilly before the sun comes up, forcing me to layer up a bit more.

Whether you’re like me and taking classes over the summer, you’re exploring a different city on a vacation or you’re simply working a part-time job, you’re wanting to spend each of your minimal summer days to the maximum potential. The best way, in my opinion, to accomplish this goal is by layering. Whether you want to bring your outfit from early mornings to afternoons like I do, or bring it from afternoons to chilly evenings, the idea of layering will become your best friend this summer.

When I spotted this Fashionista headed to an early morning class, I knew that we both had the same idea of layering up for the long day ahead of us. With this Fashionista’s accented military jacket, she had the ability to always be comfortable by simply slipping it on and off. Both her jacket and fun, printed scarf serve as versatile accent pieces in her outfit that can be easily removed as the temperature rises throughout the course of the day.

Really, this kind of layering is both functional and stylish. So, the next time you know the temperature will change throughout the day while you’re out and about, think about all of the different layering options that you have. Take a peek in your closet and see what you can come up with.

One Simple Change: Carrying your look from class to a dinner out with friends? Simply throw a versatile pair of strappy sandals into your backpack and you’ll kick your outfit game up a notch instantly!