June 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

One of the most agonizing things about summer break is when the break starts before the actual weather complies (as if summer break could ever be agonizing). While it is still transitioning from spring into summer, the weather at times can be unpredictable. This makes it hard to dress accordingly, especially for students who have to walk from building to building to get to different classes.

Although most students are out now for summer break, there are those unlucky or ambitious few who are taking summer school. This Fashionista decided to brave classes on this cloudy day with a kimono. While jetting to classes or strolling through the park, the kimono is the perfect cover-up on a spring day. It’s light, flowy and stylish. This Fashionista spiced up her simple outfit with a floral patterned kimono. Although she kept the rest of her outfit simple with dark wash jeans, a black top and boots, she pulled her entire outfit together with her kimono. She looks cute but more importantly comfortable!

One Simple Change: Kimonos are extremely versatile; they can be worn many ways. To transition this from a casual day look to a dressy night look swap out the jeans and top and throw on a simple dress and some cute heels. Although floral kimonos are extremely popular, there are many other prints and colors to try. Take for example this fun fringe one and this simple one. Next time you head out, ditch that cardigan and grab your kimono!