March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. April showers bring May flowers. (And Mayflowers bring…Pilgrims! Sorry, I had to).

It seems like there are dozens of sayings to give us hope that spring weather is on the way. Here in New York City we’ve spent March and most of April as pessimists, doubting that any warm weather will last. But recent weeks have proven to be consistently brighter, giving us reason to bring out our springiest clothes, just as this Fashionisto has done. Even if he is stuck in class admiring the sunshine through a window, his ensemble reminds him that happy days are here to stay.

This Fashionisto’s plaid shorts have a long history, beginning in the 1500s as tartan—unique cloth patterns that distinguished one Scottish tribe from another. Today, however, this pattern is commonly worn in American schools. Plaid has been incorporated into school uniforms since the ’40s, making it so closely linked with what we choose to wear to class.

Not only are this Fashionisto’s patterned shorts perfectly appropriate for class on a spring day, the rest of his outfit is spot on. A polo shirt, seamlessly color coordinated with his shorts, achieves the ideal happy medium between formal and casual. The collar dresses it up a bit to show his professor that he is a serious student, but its relaxed material indicates that he is no teacher’s pet. Our Fashionisto’s favorite boat shoes add to his individual style while maintaining a preppy and springy look.

One Simple Change: Ready to celebrate when the sun goes down? Swap out our favorite patterned shorts for a sleeker pair of navy slacks. The blue color will still coordinate with the polo shirt but can bring this look from day to night.