May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

It is difficult enough to get up in the morning, let alone get dressed. Finding that balance between a casual yet refined look can be challenging. You want to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, but the typical classroom setting is hardly conducive to your favorite pair of stilettos or Gucci dress. Furthermore, while spring calls for lighter pieces, sporadic cooler temperatures (thank you, New England) still have us in cardigans and other wraps or coats. Taking these factors into account, you might somberly find yourself at the bottom of a massive pile of clothes in your quest for the day’s perfect ensemble. While dressing for class can be laborious, that effortlessly chic look can be achieved with a few staple items you likely have lying around your closet.

Straight out of a journalism lecture, this Fashionista personifies the breezy, artsy aesthetic fitting of a writer. The simplicity of her look makes it easily accessible and appropriate for class. She pairs a soft gray top with a tribal print sweater. The billowing detail of her coat, combined with its appealing design, add dynamism to an otherwise elementary approach. Keeping with her polished look, this Fashionista dons black skinnies that neatly tuck into her black ankle boots. Through her accessories, she molds her individualistic flair. Oversized tortoiseshell shades, bold rings and an array of assorted hoop earrings are a fresh and fun take on a traditional look. So take note; her outfit is one for the books.

One Simple Change: Going straight from class to lunch to dinner out on the town? This look readily transitions from day to night. You can even try swapping out the boots for a sandal in the event of warmer weather.