Planning your outfit for the day doesn’t always have to become a complicated task. I personally believe the hardest part is getting up for the day. I know many of you aren’t a “morning person” but it’s becoming a lot easier to wake up knowing that it’s going to be a beautiful day. It is easy to look stylish without putting in an excessive amount of effort simply by preparing one day ahead.

I found this Fashionista making her way to class rocking this look. By pairing a sheer blouse, tank top, dark blue jeans, a patterned scarf and leather boots together, this Fashionista created a simple and classic look perfect for class. What I loved most about this look was the classic blue and white colors paired together and a playful hint of color from her scarf.

Not only did this Fashionista have a beautifully paired ensemble, but chose to further her outfit with stunning accessories. Her freshly painted manicure drew me to this area featuring a ring and a Michael Kors watch. Manicures average about 16 dollars for a one color polish, so instead of going out to eat, pamper yourself with a manicure!

The overall simplicity of this outfit makes it a perfect go-to outfit for class when you don’t want to look too formal, but yet not underdressed.

One Simple Change: Want to have a girl’s night out after a long day of classes? Simply replace the dark blue jeans with a pair of black leather pants for a bolder stand out look.