April 29th, 2015 at 11:46am

As winter turns to spring and spring slowly turns to summer, Fashionista/o’s fun style comes out to play. As we shed our layers of heavy coats, sweatshirts and jeans, we gain our experimental creativity back to mix up our wardrobe to add a warm look by taking off winter blanket. While girls enjoy putting character into their attire with breathable dresses, stylish overalls and chic shorts, guys also entertain themselves by taking different approaches when it comes to their closet. I always thought I had it hard when it comes to getting dressed. However, after talking to this Fashionisto, I realized that the men of the fashion world have just as much to choose from and work with as we ladies do. However, this Fashionisto makes his look for class easy and effortless.

This Fashionisto definitely let his personality show through his apparel. He had a laid back nature and a “go with the flow” attitude, which correlated with his calm blue tones in his West Coast look. A simple graphic T-shirt layered under a light jean shirt was perfectly paired with jean shorts and classic Nikes. This look is simple and can be the perfect outfit when you’re running late to class. This Fashionisto really knew how to take a West Coast look and make it casual on the South Carolina campus. He even finishes off his appearance with luscious long locks (which I am extremely jealous of).

This look is effortless yet trendy all the way from the sneakers to the backpack. Whether you are booking it to class or heading to the pool, this look is versatile and comfortable for any excursion.

One Simple Change: Change out your graphic T-shirt and relaxed jean shorts for a plain shirt and nice blue jeans to take your look from day to night.