Summer, as has been explained in many articles on CollegeFashionista this season, is full of endless activities and events. Without a doubt, this time of year keeps college students busy on their feet and busy changing outfits quickly in between time. It can be extremely tempting to head to summer class in sweats and flip flops when it’s hot outside and you really don’t want to roll out of bed to sit in a classroom for at least an hour. The main problem with going to class in your loungewear is that, if you’re a college student, nine times out of ten you don’t have time to just lounge directly after class! This Fashionisto decided to attack this situation from a different angle and is channeling laid back, summer vibes along the way.

This Fashionisto is playing it smart with his outfit, letting the pastel tones of his ensemble to keep the essence of his look light for his morning of classes at U of I. The light blue, denim, long sleeved shirt allows for him to stay a little more formal while still wearing breathable material and not burning up while trying to focus on class. Keeping with this pastel theme for his light pink shorts permits this Fashionisto to keep that summer vibe more constant. Topping off his outfit, he makes a smart decision and uses a baseball hat to accent his outfit, using a darker shade of one of the pieces of his outfit, in this case his shirt. This lets his hat to not take complete attention from the flow of his look while still giving him some edge for the overall ensemble. Finishing his outfit with white canvas shoes, his outfit is summer from head to toe and he can still be comfortable throughout his day.

Overall, using pastel tones and a more formal style shirt, like a long sleeve, can keep you ready and comfortable for class and still let you walk out like you haven’t been in a classroom all morning.

One Simple Change: Walking out of class and having to meet someone for brunch can be a hassle unless you have an outfit like this that is versatile to use, even in semi-professional settings. Try losing the hat and switching from shorts to a khaki or same-colored pants for a more formal look.