Wednesdays are the worst and the best. How do you express the ambivalence of idling half way between Monday and Friday? What do you wear when you’ve given up but are still hopeful? How do you dress for the extremes when you’re just trying to get to your next class without having a breakdown? I don’t know, but maybe I’ll take a hint from this Fashionista.

Her worn-in gray Converse are a refreshing break from the white-sneaker-only trend. She reminds us that these low-tops have been around for longer than just the past few seasons. The staple shoe adds a comfortable familiarity to this Fashionista’s look that is then transcended when we reach her coat. This rare find has all the makings of an easy but stylish “throw-on” item: toggles, pockets and a hood. She wears some ankle-exposing (but not cropped!) skinny jeans and effortlessly slings a sturdy backpack over one shoulder. Her ease and flare is tangible; it’s the toggles that make a difference. Imagine this outfit with buttons on her coat…it doesn’t work as well.

This hump day, try wearing an outfit that looks easy but put together. Don’t let the middle of the week bring you down, it is hump day after all. Try to make this the high point of your week, because the worst day of the week is actually, in my opinion, Sunday. Remember that, and take it easy, starting with your outfit.

One Simple Change: Don’t lose the cool of the look when it gets warm out. Replace the jacket with a long cardigan with toggles for a similar effect.