This Fashionista knows exactly what to wear in order to be stylish and comfortable when going to class. The warmer weather allows for new styles to come out of your closet and break the winter hibernation of dresses and tank tops. The Fashionista does just that.

Her striped tunic dress is the perfect piece to wear to any lecture. It is simple, comfortable and the perfect length, allowing for the ultimate way to be chic while still being able to sit back and learn. The super thin stripes give the dress an extra something special, and makes sure that the outfit doesn’t seem too summery for the classroom.

The light jean jacket is the perfect complement for this Fashionista. The light blue offsets the dark colors of the dress, while keeping her warm and the ensemble a bit more conservative. Gray Converse tie together all the other colors of this outfit by providing the perfect in-between color of the black and white stripes and light denim.

Minimal accessories, like the Fashionista’s small pearl necklace, prove that sometimes less is more. By keeping her accessories minimal and small she allows her outfit to be the focus of attention instead of having various components competing with one another.

One Simple Change: On sunny spring days, wear this outfit with a pair of sunglasses, sandals and tie the jacket around your waist to hang out on the quad and get some sunshine without cramping your style. This look is a great way to be versatile and stylish!