I can’t remember a morning when I could wake up and just take my sweet time getting ready for class. My mornings involve chugging down a coffee, throwing on an outfit–hoping that it looks decent—and making sure I brushed my teeth before I head out the door. If you’re in college, I’m definitely sure you can somehow relate. Because I know I’m always rushing, I’m a sucker for finding outfit combinations that look trendy and are easy to throw on.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was so impressed by how simple her outfit was and how incredibly chic it looked. With her cute aviator reading glasses, she strutted through campus wearing a gorgeous white outfit with black peeking through from under her jacket.

Typically, it is known that for a quick, easy outfit, all you have to do is throw on all-black. Black from head-to-toe always looks good. It is classic, chic and easy to pick out in the morning. Naturally, for days when you are headed to class and want to spend the least amount of time choosing what to wear, you’ll reach into your closet for all the black pieces. This Fashionista’s outfit inverts that, beautifully breaking those rules. It is time to switch it up. Wear white while you can and as much as you can. Save the dark tones for accent pieces, and have your white outfit let your summer tan make its last debut before it begins fading in the fall.

Next time you’re getting ready for class and want a cute outfit, but of course, don’t have much time to assemble a complex combination, grab your whites.