May 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

With less than a month to go until summer break, students are definitely feeling the stress levels going up. Everybody seems to be studying for quizzes or exams, staying up late for papers and finishing up some late night reading for class the next day. Such hectic days like these make it difficult to take time and actually put together an outfit. However, this week’s Fashionista show us how classic staples are the way to go for the upcoming last weeks of school.

The Fashionista wears a loose-fitted white crop top and an oversized black moto jacket on top. A pair of olive-tone cargo pants, which she pairs with classic black booties, goes perfectly well with the dark monochromatic look going on. A simple necklace with her initials sits around her neck and a pair of simple studs for earrings completes the Fashionista’s look.

The Fashionista’s outfit is a chic look that works for going to class because it’s not extremely done up, but the overall look is very chic and doable with pieces that may already be in your closet. Looking presentable can help you feel like you got these last few days left of the school year under control. So don’t reach for the sweatshirt and jeans, try and make a little effort because a little goes a long way.

One Simple Change: If the weather is still cold or raining a lot, switch out the moto jacket for a trench coat. It will help you stay dry and protect you from the cold wind.