April 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Dovetailing off of last week’s post, another student from Peking University in Beijing serves as this week’s Fashionista, spotted during a recent Spring Break trip to China. With drastically shifting weather patterns, an ensemble consisting of boots, an IU sweatshirt and leggings may have you in a fashion rut, but this Fashionista is here to dig you out of it. Captured just outside of the university spirit shop, she demonstrates a casual way to bring color back into your wardrobe as spring arrives.

One of the biggest trends I noticed during my week in China were the brightly colored coats floating around both the college campus and the city. Serving as a color pop against the black and white base colors, this Fashionista’s rosy pink coat has a sensitive softness to it, but is still bright enough to be seen across campus. The skinny black pants and booties are easy to throw on in the morning, but still make for a classic, polished look. The trick is merely choosing the right coat and letting it do all of the work visually. The coat allows you to make an effective entrance to class, but not be a distraction as you settle into your seat and take the layer off.

As far as styling goes, most of the makeup and hair trends that I observed were kept minimal, the outfits doing all the talking. While accessories are unnecessary against this eye-catching coat, this Fashionista added small, dainty white earrings for an extra bit of elegance.

One Simple Change: Heating up outside? Swap the trench coat for an eye-catching cardigan as the summer season approaches.