April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

So, we finally made it! Spring is here. But in order to get the sunshine, we must deal with some upcoming showers while walking to class. As the old expression goes, April showers bring May flowers. Personally, my main style concern for class is comfort. Many feel that being comfortable means sacrificing style. But every college Fashionista knows that some of their more stylish outfits are comfortable and perfect for any type of weather while making their way to class.

This Fashionista shows that even though you are walking to class in the bad weather you can leave your comfort and style intact. Her olive green military jacket is perfect for the rain because it is longer, allowing for her jeans to not get too wet. Also, the drawstring on her coat extenuates her waistline and flatters her figure. This coat is amazing for the spring because it is light, which is perfect for those steamy April showers.

Her black rain boots are timeless and will go with just about anything. As any rain boot owner knows these bad boys will get you through the most treacherous weather conditions. Have no fear of ruining these boots because they are super durable. Yep, that’s your cue to step in all the puddles that your little heart desires. The red stitching around the zipper on the back of the boots adds a pop of color and makes them a little more interesting than a basic black boot.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and you are sure to achieve a look that will keep you dry, comfortable and stylish during the dreary days on your campus.

One Simple Change: Have to squeeze your daily workout in on a rainy day? Wear leggings with your rain boots to the gym and change into sneakers once you get there. Therefore, your new pair of Nike sneakers will be safe in your gym bag on the way there.