April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are not many people that I’ve heard of that can call themselves a “morning person.” Waking up with the rising sun early is not normally ideal. However, the warm weather makes it much more delightful. It’s one day closer to graduation, summer and vacationing on the beach. What excites me as a Style Guru and a Fashionista is the multiple options my closet withholds. The sunny days make getting dressed in the morning for class or work much more enjoyable.

I stumbled upon these two Fashionistas on their travels through campus to their next class, both wearing their favorite go-tos: skinny jeans and sandals. Sandals come in all sorts of patterns, colors and styles. New this season are the boho/indie, Birkenstock sandals. What I also love about these two looks are how they chose to accessorize, each wearing their own stunning pair of Ray-Ban shades. Their long shoulder bags replace backpacks to hold everything they need for the day but keep it chic and unique. Lastly, the finishing touch of platinum gold watches. These have been a crowd favorite since the holidays, especially for the ladies.

Now that winter is long gone and spring is in session, the misery of removing yourself from the warmth of your sheets is no more. No more hitting that snooze button for five more minutes. Now, it’s time to jump out of bed when that alarm rings and keep that confidence glowing through your personal style during this warm weather. There is so much trending this season that the options are endless.

One Simple Change: Want to take your look from class to girl’s night out? Take those sandals and replace them with an adorable pair of wedged sandals. This way you will remain comfy and weather appropriate but be dressier for the night occasion.