April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the semester’s almost coming to an end (just another three more weeks or so!), it’s means just a few more weeks of getting dressed for class. I don’t know about you but I take at least 15 minutes each night to plan my outfit for the next day. But between classes, assignments, friends, extra curricular activities and now the approaching finals, sometimes it’s easy to just not even want to go to class at all!

The key thing to overcoming a style rut is to stick to classics that you can always depend on. Rather than just running out of your dorm in a sweatshirt and leggings, put in more thought into your outfits by investing in some classic, go-to pieces. Whether that’s a cool leather jacket or a pair of class-appropriated oxfords, a little style can go a long way and when you feel good, you tend to be more motivated for the day too.

This Fashionisto does a good job of avoiding the typical T-shirt and jeans look that most guys on campus sport. He works a classic piece that looks great on both guys and girls- the plaid flannel shirt. What was once only associated with lumberjacks, plaid flannels are not only super comfortable but classically stylish too. Here’s a tip for Fashionistas out there: a great way to work the oversized flannel trend is to simply borrow one of your boyfriend’s!

Ditching the common jeans, this Fashionisto works a pair of skinny fit chinos that polished up his otherwise too-casual look. Chinos are definitely a more fashionable option for Fashionistos and still provide the same amount of comfort as regular ol’ jeans. For some fun, why not experiment with some colored chinos to add a pop of playfulness?

Lastly, he finishes off his class-ready look with a pair of Dr. Martens which add a hint of ruggedness and still allows him to run from class to class.

One Simple Change: Forgot about a last minute presentation in one of your classes? Spruce up this otherwise casual look by throwing on a dark, form-fitting blazer, instantly making the outfit more formal.