April 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Although Spring Break has come and gone on UW-Madison’s campus, there are still a couple weeks left in the semester. Therefore, most students have more classes to attend before the freedom of summer begins. The recent warming of Wisconsin weather has brought out the fashion on campus quite a bit lately. Personally, street styles around campus are the most fun to catch during the day as students are moving in and out of classes, and expressing their personal style in a classroom setting.

This Fashionista was expressing her personal style through a mash-up of looks that align with a variety of trends. For example, she dresses up in a white button-down blouse perfect for a class day, yet styles it with a bronze octopus necklace to balance the formal qualities in her look. On top of this, she wears a casual blue circle skirt with front buttons that line up with the buttons of her blouse. In this respect, the formal qualities of her look are perfect for class; however, they are casual enough to express personal style since the blue skirt contains a fun print.

A statement of personal expression can be seen in how this Fashionista pairs neutral booties with striped knee-high socks. Additionally, she wears a neutral, crocheted beanie to top off the entire look. Overall, the personal style of this Fashionista comes through with the multiple trends she picks up in one look: casual wear, formal elements, vintage jewelry and neutral colors to off-set her personal expression for a day in class.

One Simple Change: Perhaps the weather in spring is unpredictable and knee-high socks are not enough for a cool day. Opt for a pair of tights to get the same look, but with more coverage.