Going to class is undoubtedly the most important part of being a college student. After all, tuition makes up the bulk of our college expenses. However, finding the motivation to go to class every day can be difficult especially as the weather only continues to improve. On such difficult days, I recommend my personal favorite pick-me-up: a cute outfit.

Dressing for a morning class can be particularly difficult. Having a collection of neutral items make for an easy time getting dressed in the morning. This Fashionista’s look demonstrates the power of simple neutrals in that way. Her look isn’t completely monotone, nor is it overwhelming with lots of patterns and bright colors. Her color palette of white, khaki and navy bring enough color to her look without clashing in any way.

This Fashionista is dressed not just for class but for an entire day. Her layers make the look transition easily from class to lunch to the library to spending some time outside. April in Seattle often means rain, so the hoodie serves both a fashionable and functional role in this outfit. What’s more, wearing a jean jacket instead of a rain jacket means that this Fashionista will feel just as comfortable in a drizzle as in the sun.

One Simple Change: If your day includes an interview, pack a blazer in your backpack, and swap outerwear between class and the interview. The khakis and white shirt are perfectly casual and class-appropriate but can easily be dressed up with that simple jacket switch.