April 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

Sometimes you’re having one of those mornings where you just can’t find the strength to get up and make yourself look pulled together for class. Picking out a nice outfit to wear can be hard enough, but taking the time to fix your hair as well is a whole different story. However, this Fashionista is putting her best foot forward by wearing an outfit that is cute and comfortable. She’s ready for a day full of note taking, lectures and everything in between.

The look begins with a red and blue button-up plaid blouse. This untucked shirt looks adorable under the vest that she’s sporting. In a previous post of mine, I mentioned how necessary vests are. With the weather we’ve been having in State College lately, it’s a risk to leave your dorm or apartment without wearing a jacket. A vest is a nice alternative to wearing a jacket because it will keep you warm (but not too warm) depending on how Mother Nature is feeling on any given day. The vest this Fashionista is wearing has a beautiful chevron pattern. The chevron pattern in the vest serves as an eye-catching complement to the plaid pattern on her shirt. The pockets on the vest are outlined with black piping, which makes the vest really unique.

Dark wash jeans are an absolute must-have. They’re an incredibly simple part of this Fashionista’s outfit. A plain pair of jeans would typically go unnoticed, but I see these jeans as the piece of her outfit that really ties everything else together. When wearing a few different patterns on top, it looks very sleek to pair an outfit with a plain pair of dark-wash jeans.

This Fashionista’s shoes, L.L.Bean boots, are a perfect pair for this look. L.L.Bean boots have become extremely popular within the last year or two. I thought about ordering a pair for myself back in December, but changed my mind when I was told that the boots were on backorder until May! This Fashionista adds a little personal flair to the look by adding a pair of heather gray socks that peek out of the top of her boots.

One Simple Change: Sure, spending a day in class is a ton of fun but you know what would be even more fun? Going to a concert. Simply replace the L.L.Bean boots with a funky pair of cowboy boots and ditch the vest. After those small changes, you’ll be ready to shake it country style at the next Luke Bryan concert.