Want to give off a good impression to your peers without looking like you spent hours trying to figure out the perfect outfit? This Fashionista masters the art of mixing casual and classy. By knowing how to put together the right articles of clothing, it will save you time in the morning which means more time for sleeping in! Take a look at this Fashionista’s morning routine and you will be be ready to start your day off fabulous in no time!

Since Chicago’s weather is so unpredictable, with one week of 50 to 60-degree sunshine followed by a week with a 20-degree wind chill and snow, it is difficult to dress fashionably while strutting the campus streets. The few weeks following Spring Break usually allow for mild temperatures and an opportunity for students to channel their inner style maven.

Her long beige knit cardigan matches impeccably with her beige heel boots, making this the central color of her outfit. The dark gray shirt under her cardigan is a good base color that complements the rest of her ensemble. Her white fringe, gold-studded statement necklace is an ideal accessory as it makes her look stand-out. Her Betsey Johnson white and black tote bag brings out the white in her necklace. Her dark skinny jeans draw attention to her beige heel boots.

One Simple Change: Don’t feel like dressing up for class? Wear this outfit for a girl’s night out instead! Her heeled boots are fun and great for this type of occasion. Whether you and your girls decide to go out for dinner or a night of dancing, this outfit is versatile for both.