Spring is on its way but this Fashionista was sure to remind us it is not here just yet. This outfit is perfect for those days where you want to feel comfortable for class but also look edgy. On one hand, you don’t want to look too comfortable and wear pajamas. While on the other hand, you don’t want to walk into your 2:00 p.m. lecture looking super overdressed either. What are you to do?

My advice would be to take some notes from this Fashionista. She sports the ideal casual-chic class look that subtly captures the attention of a few fellas walking by. Her black coat is definitely the statement piece of the outfit. Her particular one is from Theyskens’ Theory, however, is sold out so a great alternative is this beautiful one from Zara. It is structured and sleek, which is what I really like about black clothing in general. Black categorizes one’s outfit as more sophisticated and can make something really simple look fabulous.

This Fashionista has the monochromatic look down, but the ways she chose to incorporate different black textures really make her stand out. The comparison of leather sleeves to the contrasted wool jacket texture really allows for the sleeves to stand out, and when you look as nice as this Fashionista, why wouldn’t you want to stand out?

She paired other black pieces with her outfit like her classic black crewneck sweater and these fitted piped ankle pants. If you look closely, you can see that the pants have a wax shine detailing to them that is so subtle but so smooth.

Lastly, the accessories and shoes used to complement this outfit are super simple and dainty, which fit perfectly with the ensemble and allow for all the attention to be on the statement leather. She told me her rings were from her moms jewelry box, Ariel Gordon’s online jewelry collection or India (so cool, right?)!

This Fashionista added her black glasses, tied her hair in a low bun and threw on a smile which really brightens up her look. Spring is almost here and transitional outfits like these are great! Secretly however, I can’t wait to be able to add a tiny bit of color into my wardrobe and embrace the weather to the maximum!

One Simple Change:  Class is running late, and you promised your friends you would meet them for an early dinner. Simply throw on a thin black heel or statement cross bag to turn this cute day outfit into a sexy night one!