As the spring semester comes to an end, it seems as though the only barrier blocking your freedom is the fact that you still have a few classes that you must attend. When all you want to do is enjoy the beautiful weather with your friends, your motivation to go to class quickly begins to dwindle. For Fashionistas/os, however, class is the perfect time to show off your special talent of creating outfits that are cute, comfortable and simple. It is a time of creativity and expression that allows each Fashionista/o to represent and define themselves in the way they choose. Most importantly, between and after classes when everyone gathers around the center of campus, Fashionistas/os who are dressed to impress for class have the chance to show off their creations to the rest of their peers.

This Fashionista makes a statement in her stripes. The romper that she is wearing takes the classic idea of navy blue and white stripes and redefines it in an interesting and innovative way. To start off, the simplicity of her romper makes it the most ideal spring outfit for class. Its one-piece nature is easy for Fashionistas to think of and put on when they are rushing for class, while its design also highlights the romper trend in a unique and intriguing way. This romper includes so many different details in a way that is refined and does not overwhelm the piece. Its cinched waist works as an extremely flattering aspect of the outfit, highlighting the Fashionista’s waistline with a thin tie and breaking up the solid nature of the romper. Not only is the romper easy to put on, but it is also comfortable and very cute for class. Its loose fit and elastic waistline make the romper the ideal piece to sit through a long class in. The free-flowing wings of the arm contribute to the trendiness and appeal of the piece as well. Matched with a simple bracelet and chic pair of sandals, this Fashionista has created a simple, easy and beautiful ensemble to wear to class.

By following the simple guidelines exemplified by this Fashionista, class during the spring will become one of the most important fashion events on campus.

One Simple Change: You just had a full day of class and have no time to change for your girl’s night out with your friends. What do you do? Simply exchange your sandals for an attractive pair of wedges and you’re ready to go!