To sleep in or to get up early—that is the question. Let’s face it, getting up before the sun is up is painful and we would all love to avoid that at all costs, but school seems to not care about our feelings at all. Most of the population grab their yoga pants and sweatshirts and head out the door. How can we liven up our look but not have to use our brain in the early hours? This Fashionista has got the answer for you!

White pants are the clean palette that you need to start your look. Now that it is spring, we want to start bringing those beautiful pastel colors out of hibernation. When you start with white pants, you can rock any kind of top along with it. The stress of standing in front of your closet as the minutes tick past wondering what shirt you want is now gone! Almost everything goes and the amount of time it use to take you to pick an outfit is now cut in half. This Fashionista opted for bright blue-toned three-quarter sleeved shirt that has a floral-inspired pattern. She brought in some navy blue with her Keds which also had a white border that tied together perfectly with her jeans. She kept the jewelry simple with a cowry shell bracelet that makes you long for warmer weather.

Now press that snooze button and get a few more minutes of sleep because you already know what you are wearing to class tomorrow. Your classmates are going to wonder why you aren’t so sleep deprived when it looks like you spent hours getting ready. You can thank this Fashionista for your new inspiration!

One Simple Change: Want to take this look from class to a girl’s night out? Swap out the Keds for some booties. This will easily transition your preppy day look to a glam night look!