We’re a few weeks into spring (yay for green grass and blooming flowers!), but here in Minnesota, that doesn’t mean much. As we’re beginning the month of “April showers,” most Minnesotans know the fourth month of the year, which is typically associated with the beginning of spring, could very well be dubbed the month of “April snow showers.”

So don’t pack up all of your cozy, oversized sweaters just yet because it’s not an unlikely occurrence for one, two or even three inches of snow to fall in the 30-degree “springtime” temperatures. Because of the rather unpredictable weather, it’s important to dress in layers when walking to and from class. And this Fashionista wears the perfect layered look that works for this transition period between winter and spring.

She starts the look with a simple pair of skinny jeans, which really are a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be worn every season, and they are the ideal base piece for any ensemble. But most importantly, skinny jeans, especially when they are stretchy, are comfortable enough to wear throughout an entire day of classes and study groups.

She then wears an adorable cream turtleneck sweater. The turtleneck is a ‘90s trend that is making a huge comeback, and though it is most commonly seen in the wintertime, short sleeve turtleneck tops are likely to make an appearance during the warmer spring and summer days.

She completes her the ensemble with a black leather jacket. The juxtaposition between the more feminine, cozy turtleneck sweater and the rocker chick leather jacket really caught my eye.

A pair of cheetah print loafers and a gorgeous black and brown Fossil bag add the finishing touches. The shoes are comfortable enough to walk in, which is important for a large campus where your classes may be miles apart, and they are super stylish. Because her outfit is composed of solid-colored pieces, the cheetah print adds a little pop of pattern to the overall look. And the bag is perfect when carrying around a few notebooks, some pens and other essential items you may need to sit through lecture.

This Fashionista rocks a fashion-forward and practical ensemble for both class and the unpredictable weather in Minnesota. She shows that comfort, practicality and style really do go together!

One Simple Change: Swap out the flats for a pair of heels, and add pop of color by wearing a bright lipstick. Now you have the perfect look for a casual girl’s night out.